Expert Transponder Key Programing in Ottawa

Prestige Towing Offers 24h Transponder Key Programing Services

Modern technology brings with it great things and exciting new developments. Some of these leaps forward have to do with protecting our cars from unwanted attention. One of the more serious problems of older vehicles is their ignition’s susceptibility to burglaries and theft. By simple enough means, those could be bypassed, the car started, and then stolen.

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What is a Transponder Key?

Thankfully, modern technology enables the production of transponder keys, or, chip keys. These keys look quite the same as ordinary car keys, but there is one important difference between the two. Chip keys contain a circuit which emits a certain signal. When you try to start your car, the computer embedded within your engine sends a signal to activate that circuit. If the signal is properly received and reciprocated, establishing the needed communication between both ends, the engine will start. If, by any reason, this communication is not established, the engine will remain unresponsive.

Why Should I Choose Prestige Towing for the Job?

Letting a less than expert and certified technician to fumble around with your car keys is unadvisable at best. Such sensitive equipment should be handled by trained professionals only.

The good news is that Prestige Towing has Ottawa car owners’ backs. We offer expert transponder key programing services which ensure your car keys will match your car without any problem whatsoever.

When you go with Prestige Towing and choose our top notch transponder key programing services, you also benefit from:

  • Trustworthy professionals: our staff is comprised of trained experts who have successfully passed thorough background checks. This means you will put your car in trustworthy hands.
  • Always available: our call center is always staffed by professional representatives that are there only to take your call and send help.
  • Arriving quickly: keeping several teams on-call spread throughout Ottawa enables us to commit to a 30 minute ETA anywhere in Ottawa. Give us a call and start counting back.
  • Affordable and competitive rates: knowing ahead how much you will have to pay and encountering no surprises when receiving the bill goes a long way in planning a budget and sticking to it. With Prestige Towing this is exactly what you will get – completely transparent, very affordable prices.

For our transponder key programming services in Ottawa call (613) 319-0954