Prestige Towing Offers 24h Heavy Duty Towing Services

Ottawa’s Premium Heavy Duty Towing Solutions

Prestige Towing is a well-established, fully licensed Ottawa towing service provider. We proudly provide residents of the Ottawa area with excellent service. Due to the emergency nature of our work we have teams of operators working in shifts 24/7, 365 days a year to ensure that there is always a team available when needed. Prestige Towing gives a guaranteed arrival time of 30 minutes to all calls in the Ottawa area.

For more info on our heavy duty towing services in Ottawa call (613) 319-0954

Call us and we will give you a reasonable quote and send a team to your location to sort out your problem. Prestige Towing provides a host of emergency vehicle and locksmith services. We have a fleet of vehicles for all types of towing – light, medium and heavy duty.

Heavy Duty Towing

Even the big guys sometimes run into trouble and we are always happy to be there to bail them out. Prestige Towing has a number of heavy duty tow trucks that are able to easily tow large trucks and equipment of any shape or size. Our reliable operators are all professionally trained and have the experience and know-how to move your vehicle to its destination in a safe manner, without leaving a scratch! We have all the equipment needed in order to do heavy duty towing. Our operators have experience with towing buses, trailers, different kinds of heavy equipment, and more.

All our operators are very safety conscious and aware of the dangers of the job, especially when it comes to heavy duty towing. Therefore we make sure to adhere to all of the safety rules when going step by step through the towing process. Their experience and skill is what makes your tow so successful. Along with their diligence and the attention they pay to the details and the maintenance of our fleet and equipment, which is paramount to the services that we provide our operators all have a very diverse set of skills, which they have picked up over the years and which allow them to function exceptionally.

All Prestige Towing operators are experts at their jobs and have know-how in all modern tow and recovery methods, they also make a point of retraining frequently and keeping up with everything that goes on in the industry. Of course their vast experience is a large part of their education, after all no two tow jobs are ever alike.

Your vehicle is in good hands with Prestige Towing!

For our heavy duty towing services in Ottawa call (613) 319-0954